By itself, its a good ship, but its what it does for other ships that make it unique.

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Apr 4, 2022 The USS Cerritos is a 4 epic explorer released in Arc 41 of Star Trek Fleet C ommand.

S. Theres a new ship, new officers, and more to come later in the month. .

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. 10K subscribers in the STFCOfficial community. Completing the following missions The missions can be picked up in Amador or Midnight.

With the Borg threat growing, scientists from all factions gathered and joined forces to bring a new predator to our shipyards Taking a page from the Romulans formidable Vidar, the Vidar Talios has exceeded expectations on multiple levels, and is ready to pick up the torch and fight Fear not Commander; resistance is. Add a Comment.

McCarthy says he remains optimistic they can make progress in hopes of an agreement before a deadline as.

McCarthy says he remains optimistic they can make progress in hopes of an agreement before a deadline as.

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Upon building the ship, a new bundle will appear in the Bajoran store containing Bajoran Badges and Credits. After it, tap the ship at the bottom of the screen.

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The Vi'dar is a 3 Uncommon Interceptor Ship, and requires a Shipyard at lvl 25 in order to build it.

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The largest Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) information site, featuring information on ships, officers, systems, hostiles, research and more. . Select your USS Cerritos from the fleet bar, and either click the Support button or select a ship in the galaxy viewer and click the Support button to activate the Support ability. . . In Star Trek Fleet Command, shes an epic.


. Another month, and another STFC update is here.


Captain Sisko wants to make his famous aubergine stew but his non-replicated aubergines have mysteriously vanished.


The USS Defiant will increase the effectiveness of the Bajoran loop by 35-65.

Players who have not built the ship yet, will find a small pack in the Augment Store containing 12 additional blueprints.