I am looking for a word like "posterity".

The truth about what happened will be knownlost to posterity.

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I am looking for a word like "posterity".

. . descendant Someone's descendants are the people in later generations who are related to them.

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postmortem of after death. . As a historian, it is Phillips job to preserve historical documents and artifacts for our posterity.

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He would like to pose bluff and hearty for his posterity, Wear his old hat cocked over his ear.

Posterity will remember him.

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pose for phrase.
descendants, children, family, issue, seed (chiefly biblical), heirs,.


people in the future.

" In other words, "saving this for posterity" means "making sure it's remembered in history. Meaning of Posterity in Tamil language with definitions, examples, antonym, synonym. .

. noncount formal. 3. posteritas, proles, posteri are the top translations of "posterity" into Latin. .

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